Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time to take a breath and then get back to it

This is the first weekend, since the farmers markets started, that there aren't any. It was so nice. Both Friday and today were short days and for now gave me some extra time to relax and catch up on my sleep. I know that I can't catch up on 6 months of sleep deprivation but any extra amount can't hurt.

The exciting thing is that now I can spend time on all of those projects that got pushed to the back burner. Things like honing in on what Le Quartier is and how to give us a broader appeal. Then, how to market that to new potential customers.

There is also work to be done with our baking system. In a few short months, both my main baker and my brother will be new first-time fathers and their lives and schedules will need to change. Giving everyone a later and more flexible start time will great. Not only for them but for me too!

There is also new product research to be done. A lot of times we'll start something but not quite have the time to finish it. For example, I made a pie crust that could sheet through Rondo but I have yet to actually make a pie. I love pie and have been picturing myself devouring an apple and rhubarb pie that I've been saving the ingredients for.

I hope to be able share all of these new changes with you in the next 6 months. Until then good night...

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