Sunday, August 15, 2010

Le Quartier Location in Omaha, NE

It is time, whether we're ready or not, to open a bakery in Omaha.  Along with my brother Seth and our father, we have been working hard to get our new location up and running.  We still have a lot of work yet to do but we are making good progress.  Fortunately for us it was a bakery before so there are some things that we can work with.  Where is it you ask?  92nd and Pacific in Countryside Village surrounded by like tenants and a nice neighborhood.  We are "the neighborhood bakery" after all and this is why we felt that this location would fit us perfectly.  We will bake and serve the same great breads, pastries and cakes that we have at our two Lincoln locations and will have sandwiches, soups and salads to go.

It has been difficult for us to find time to work because on top of our normal baking we attend 4 farmers' markets  We used to get one day off and now that day has become building/moving/painting day.  I hope that all of our hard work will pay off and everyone that visits Le Quartier Omaha will be happy with what we've done, especially our bakery goodies!

When will it open?  Hmmm, good question.  I am hoping to be open sometime in the first half of September, 2010.  Exact date will be coming.

I'd also like to thank:
My Mom
Henry and Elenor Pauls (Aunt and Uncle)
Amy Dishman (designer, wife of one of my bakers)
Sarah Curley Quiring (my brother's wife)


  1. Congrats on the Omaha location. I recommended you to all my Omaha friends on Facebook.

    Wondering why the pizza crusts are all square now? No biggie, just wondering.

    Also, had lunch today (Friday 10.29) at the Pine Lake Road location because I was hungry for a pnnini. Do you think you could grill-press the meat before you put it on the ciabatta and then grill-press it again? Your ciabatta is so perfect, it's a sorry, sorry thing to bite through the crisp warm crust into an ice-cold lump of meat in the middle, even if it is Boar's Head.

  2. The pizza crusts are now square because we are forming them on our new Rondo machine (see Rondo post) and that has proved to be the best shape. Mostly because when we use the round cutter we end up with so much scrap dough. I can recycle some dough in my next batch but we're talking about a lot of scrap dough.

    I'm actually most excited to hear about your next comment on the cold meat in our grilled sandwiches. I too don't like cold meat in my sandwich and I, and the rest of my bakers, have been microwaving our sandwiches for 30 seconds first and then grilling. 30 seconds isn't long enough to make the bread soggy but it warms up the meat and makes sure that the cheese gets all melty. I've been pushing for this as a standard for our sandwiches to everyone but so far it's fallen on deaf ears. Now I have a customer who thinks the same thing. My brother listens to customers more than he listens to me. : ) Thanks!

  3. Went to the Omaha location and tried the quiche which was great! I use a lot of Nancy Silverton's books and she has good savory pastry recipes. Do you prebake the dough then add the quiche mixture then rebake? Joanne Chang of Flour in Boston (where we moved from) had a great breakfast brioche where she put a sunny side up egg on top. I'll have to experiment with yours and her savory breakfast recipes!

  4. Yes the quiche crust was par-baked before the filing was added. I'm glad you enjoyed your breakfast!

  5. I made pizza this week on your pizza crusts that I purchased at a Farmers market and froze...the crust was outstanding...perfect texture...and I am so pleased that I will be able to purchase more of them at your Omaha store.

  6. Your bakery was recommended to me for your baguettes, which are c'est magnifique. What I didn't expect to learn is that your tomato soup would be the absolute best my tastebuds have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! THANK YOU! I'll be sure to pass along what great food you serve and thank you for opening up a store in Omaha, we were in dire need of a fabulous bakery!

  7. Thank you so much for your comment. Sometimes I get so caught up in the daily tasks that I forget why I started the bakery in the first place...which is to make awesome food which everyone deserves to have the chance to eat. I'm glad that you recognized the difference in quality.

  8. Comfort food thy name is almond chocolate croissant followed by the turkey pannini - love the Countryside location - single girl dinner blue cheese baguette and a glass of cab - always amazing!